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Thread: iPhone 5 signature between channel 13 and 14

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    Default iPhone 5 signature between channel 13 and 14

    Greetings gigahertz geeks, I keep catching my iPhone 5 radiating signal around the channel 13 and 14 areas on occasion. I first noticed the signature when I was at my cabin in Northern Minnesota where there should be NO wireless for miles. I was so excited when I first received my WiSpyDBx that I had to bring it with me to play around with. Sitting in my easy chair, I was seeing a whole bunch of nothing until I noticed a red density spike at the end of the 2.4 spectrum. Immediately I thought it was something possibly with the power meter since we're able to get reports on usage. When I started wandering away from my phone, the signal became weaker. I then noticed it again and immediately tossed the phone into airplane mode and the signal immediately stopped. Usually the signal occurs for about 10 seconds then stops. I cannot make the phone show the signature by any means that I am aware of. Turning on and off the phone and / or features does nothing to trigger the event. Now whenever I'm wondering around with my WiSpy and the event occurs, I usually tell my customer that the Feds are turning on my video transmitter and secretly recording my activity. Any comments or correlations are welcome!


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    It would be better if you attach the capture file so that it can be analyzed.
    I've seen similar spikes around 2.480 GHz, but they only last a few seconds.
    My Galaxy S4 phone operating on 802.11ac channel 54 has no effect on the
    signals that Chanalyzer sees. I'm not an RF engineer, but perhaps what you
    are seeing is a harmonic from some other device in your cabin. Did you turn
    off the wi-fi in your PC?
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    Default iPhone Signature

    Hi ua549, thanks for the thoughts. I currently don't think have a way to perform a packet capture above 2.473 on any of my wireless NIC's. Maybe I need to buy a EU wireless adapter? I've seen this signature several times at different locations, both with my laptop NIC enabled and disabled. I've also disabled bluetooth on all the devices around me, etc... It's definitely the phone that's causing the signal as I can move away from the device and the signal diminishes. Definitely curious.

    I'm wondering why Chanalyzer cannot detect energy from your 802.11ac phone? I thought that the software was able to detect all UNII-1 through 3 signals?


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    Chanalyzer sees the 5 GHz wi-fi signal from my Galaxy S4, but there are no out of band 2.4 GHz signals emanating from it such as you are seeing with your iPhone 5.
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    It looks like the phone creates this signature when the cellular radio is transmitting. I was sitting at my desk today with Chanalyzer open and noticed that the signal was detected only when I was making calls! The closest band that GSM phones could use is the BRS/EBS band which is in the 2.49-2.69GHz range. Peculiar since the signature is centered around 2.8GHz. The phone was obviously running background data tasks as I noticed the signature when I was away from all the noise up North.


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