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Thread: Feature request: Networks Graph data export and/or standard distribution graphs

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    Default Feature request: Networks Graph data export and/or standard distribution graphs


    I'm am so far very impressed with the data collection capabilities of Channelizer Pro and it's ability to capture both spectral data and RSSI values for SSID's.

    When I use this tool to conduct a site survey, I am interested in both how clean the wireless environment looks and how well the WiFi signals propagate. I typically will place a test AP in some location and take sample readings for a few minutes at specific distances away.

    Currently, I set my time interval and slide my capture window to however long I stay in one place and look at the Network Graph chart for the test AP. Visually, I can tell the max and min RSSI values that my laptop's adapter is picking up, but I would *love* to have a way to export that window of data to an external file (say CSV or something). Better yet, it would an amazing feature to have Channelizer Pro generate a standard distribution / bell curve graph for that time period.

    This feature would be of great assistance when I am trying to validate coverage areas. I've used all kinds of planning software, but still prefer to take direct samples when possible ;-)

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    Thanks for your feedback, always great to hear! We actually do have an "Export to CSV" option in Chanalyzer Lab and a feature request in for newer releases of Chanalyzer and Chanalyzer Pro to have that option.



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