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Thread: 2.4GHz interference

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    Default 2.4GHz interference

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the Metageek community and I just recently bought a wi-spy and chanalyzer pro.

    Today I was on a site for a wireless site survey so I started to use the chanalyzer to listen the air.

    As it is totally new for me, could you help analyzing the 2 pictures attached ?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture1.PNG 
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Name:	Capture2.PNG 
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    The first one shows some noise varying between -100 and -60. What is really strange is that it was outdoor, and I was not able to locate any wireless network. Could it be caused by a high voltage line running along the site ? Is it a problem to plan a wifi deployment ?

    The second one is strange because of that continuous, low blue line between channel 8 and 9.

    Thank you for your experience !

    Best regards,

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    The noise you are seeing is pretty mild and I wouldn't expect it to cause any issues for an outdoor deployment. Some of the 'ambient' noise you are seeing could be coming from your own wireless card as it probes for wireless networks that it previously connected to. Some users prefer turning off their wireless cards to do a fully passive spectrum survey.

    The continuous signal should probably be investigated. Use the waterfall - as you get closer to it, it should appear more red - helping to locate it.

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    Thank you for your analysis.

    I will try again by disabling my radio card.

    What level do you consider noise to be too high and could cause issue ?

    Best regards

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    I'd investigate anything peaking above -85dBm in your contention domain area.


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