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Thread: Why isn't a repeater interference?

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    Default Why isn't a repeater interference?

    With a repeater on the same channel(s) as the AP, I'm trying to understand why neither the AP nor the repeater see each other as an interfering signal, since other signals occupying the channel(s) you're using are a source of interference?
    Along with that, I noticed that inSSIDer displayed one of these two signals in a tracing that was much bolder than the usual when the AP had moved to another channel from its original where both the AP and repeater had been on the same channel. That was prior to my changing the AP's channel choice from Auto to an assigned one.

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    A repeater is part of your network, similar to a client. It's supposed to be there. Other APs or a microwave are not a part of your network and are therefore classified as interference.

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    Chris, that was well put. Dawei, Yes, interference is something that interferes with your network. Your own network wouldn't be something interfering with your own network, if that makes sense.



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