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Thread: Need Help. Very high ping rates leading to slow interent connection.

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    Let me do some quick math

    We have 11 channels, each 5Mhz wide. For 802.11, you need 22Mhz for a channel. Picking channel 1 means you center your 22MHz channel on channel 1, i.e., you will actually use all the way up through channel 3.

    You are correct that there is less utilization on Channel 3, however utilization does not equate performance i.e. throughput. If you do some performance testing, you will find that in times of contention you will have better performance using only 1,6,11 as you can understand the signals in your collision domain. Now you are sharing that domain with other users, but being able to understand when others are talking will result in less packet retrys and thus nets you higher throughput.

    Now the same isn't necessarily true when the interference is non-wifi, as the wireless client will not understand what a microwave says.

    So while you can use channels with lower utilization, you will be fighting channels 1,6,11 regardless and will actually have better throughput utilizing a channel with higher duty-cycle.
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