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Thread: Export RSSI into text

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    Default Export RSSI into text

    im new to inssider and i would like to ask if it is possible to export the RSSI from some access points to a text file.
    Is it possible?

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    As it is currently, no, however, maybe if you ask really really nicely you might get some of the code contributors (like Tyler) to maybe write something up for you that would do this.

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    Hey Void,

    The log files are text! the question is really what form you want the text.

    The log files are a variant of HTML text so your can parse / edit them as they are


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    I'm new to inSSIder and for a project, I need to get information about some APs I detect with the software. I would a log file with SSID, RSSI, lat and long about each AP to create some graphs. But I don't manage to get anything in my kml files when I convert the gpx files. Anybody could help me to use the feature "Start Logging" and "Convert GPX to KML" please?
    Then I would convert the kml file to a csv file for drawing my graphs.


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    I also want to know,anyone can help?
    My problem is how to automatically to "start logging" and keep this config forever so that inSSIDer always log.
    If that,my software can read the log file to get the latest RSSI value.


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    You can find programs online which convert .GPX files into .CSV files. Then you can open the .CSV files in Excel


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