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Thread: Calling All Geeks! (Help needed in inSSIDer user guide)

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    I would also cover if you need to turn off Intel PROset as well. I know in chanalyzer that can be a real issue for people, or any of the "proprietary" wireless programs.


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    The problem I find with manuals is that they often just repeat the available options that are self-evident i.e. in pull-down boxes but with little extra information.

    What they often lack is the meaning, interpretation, issues/constraints and guidance.

    For example with inssider the meaning of the RSSI values - what is excellent/good/bad/useless (I note the graph values are colour-coded which gives a hint) and what is likely to work or not?
    This will greatly enhance the value of using the software.

    This information could be provided in the manual or if it is available elsewhere cross-referenced.

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