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Thread: Calling All Geeks! (Help needed in inSSIDer user guide)

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    Default Calling All Geeks! (Help needed in inSSIDer user guide)

    Hey guys, Stephen here at MetaGeek!

    So as some of you may know, I am in the process of creating a user guide for inSSIDer. Here is where you guys come in!

    What I need is suggestions for what you guys want to see in the user guide.

    Now, here are the things I already have in the user guide:

    • Selecting a Wireless NIC
    • What inSSIDer is graphing
      • RSSI
        • What is it, etc.

    • Networks Table
    • Filters
    • Channel View
      • Dotted/Dashed/Solid
      • Shapes

    • Time Graph
    • GPS
      • How to get GPS to work
      • List of compatible devices
      • How to Export KML

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    Hi Stephen,

    One approach to answer your question is to look through the inSSIDer forums
    and choose the topics that have registered a high number of "Views".

    Perhaps you can get a list of all the threads in all the forums and sort
    them on the "Views" field - the geeks have already registered their interest
    by looking/reading that topic


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    Smile user guide

    Many thanks. An user guide would be most helpful. Best regards Hans

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    Hey Stephen,

    It may be an idea to make this thread a "Sticky"
    so it stays on top and in plain sight


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    Yea, I stickied it when I created it haha.

    And yea, I have been doing that and that's where we got the ideas to do what we have done so far.

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    I saw the post drifting down among the other threads
    - that's why I suggested that you make it a "Sticky"

    I'm glad we're on the same page with finding topics of interest


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    I saw that you had included selecting a WIFI card, how about signal boosters or external antennas. I've searched many places and read many articles related to ways and methods to boost signals but really it's a try it and it will maybe work for you. How about something more definitive which signal strength on inSSIDer will increase by x%. Seems to be an area where little support is available.

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    I have no idea what to do with the inSSIDer..I think it is for when I am traveling and want to get online?To find some net to hook into? Or am I totally on the wrong path here?
    I used to do wardriving a good while back..but that was those days..people I am a total amateur..I have no idea of jargon..just tell me if I am barking at the wrong tree here,please?
    forgive me..;-))...and yes as Hans wrote ..a guide would be great..I am very eager to learn!
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    I would recommend adding information about starting the wlan services. See here:

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    You've covered most of what ran through my mind. I do think a guide would be great, and along with the guide, a user input section to add to the guide as time goes on.

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