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    Thumbs up fast refresh

    Hello and thank you for your software!

    I downloaded inSSIDer to see networks.

    How to adjust the display inSSIDer fastest channels?

    thank you

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    Hey gilb,

    I'm not sure what your question is as Channels don't have speeds in the context
    of one being 'faster' than another.

    Just like the lanes on a highway - one lane is not faster in and of itself than another;
    of course the traffic may travel faster in one lane than another but this doesn't really apply to AP's.

    Some AP's have a stronger signal (RSSI) than others and some AP's have wider bandwidth (Max Rate) than others
    but these factors are independent of the channel;

    802.11n channels have wider bandwidth than 802.11b/g

    hope this helps


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    From what I think you are meaning is you want to adjust it to see which channels have the least amount of traffic on them? Basically, inSSIDer shows you what channels all the AP's in your area are using. It also shows you the overlap that the AP's have on each channel. From there, you can see which channel has the least amount of AP's on it and switch to a channel with less traffic for a stronger RSSI and faster speeds on your AP.



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