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Thread: checking the data in the log file as a graph

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    Default checking the data in the log file as a graph


    I have looked if I could find a program that could convert the gpx file to a graph, but I haven't been able to find one that fits my needs. I have found a few that converted gpx to csv, and with some adjustments i have been able to make it save only the SSID and RSSI, but with large files they either crash or get very VERY slow.

    I would like to see the signal strength of two networks over a day or a few days. Is it correct that inSSIDer can't open log files? I think that would be a great feature to add.

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    .GPX is GPS navigation data and inSSIDer features a convert to KML so you can bring it into Google earth and see it.

    If you found a good program which converts .GPX to .CSV, then why not port the .CSV into Excel and make your graph using Excel?


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    Because the files get very big, which makes the conversion very slow, if it even works.
    Also the csv will probably not be able to hold all the information, because i plan on putting data of 1 day in a graph.

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    I see your point. I will throw this in as a suggestion



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