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Thread: Does inSIDDer have magical properties?

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    Default Does inSIDDer have magical properties?

    Can inSIDDer see anything beyond the capabilities of the wireless adapter card? In other words, if I have a laptop with a Broadcom 802.11N wireless adapter, which can't "see" a 5G router transmission only 2.4G, will inSSIDer show any 5G networks (radios) on the graph? I'm supposing that it can only "see" what the wireless card/adapter is capable of "seeing". Soooooooo if my new WNDR4500 Netgear router is broadcasting on the 5G band but my laptop (only wireless client connected) can't see it, neither will inSIDDer.


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    You are correct. inSSIDer only displays the information that it gets from your WiFi adapter.

    P.S. I love the thread title

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    Thank you ... that clears a lot up for me

    I was hoping the title would attract some attention and a conclusive answer like yours

    Thanks again

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    Haha, yea. If you ask about a program and magic, it will always attract a coder's attention. The world can believe it's magic, but we wanna know how it works



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