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Thread: Corrupt x64 RSSI

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    Question Corrupt x64 RSSI


    On an initial trial of inSSIDer, I find it displays erratic RSSI data from a RealTek WNA1100 USB wireless adapter, on a PC running 64-bit Windows 7. The RSSI often jumps to very high level signals (-10 dBm indicated) on channels that are down in the noise (-95 dBm).

    The PC is dual boot. On the alternate boot (32-bit Windows XP) and the same USB adapter, inSSIDer seems to work fine.

    The 64-bit issue wasn't affected by updating to the latest 64-bit RealTek driver, or by trying an older 64-bit version of inSSIDer rather than 32-bit inSSIDer 2.1.

    Can you suggest a fix? Attached is a 64-bit time plot showing the problem.

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    Hello img,

    This generally happens when inSSIDer receives a null value from the wireless card and is handled by setting the value to 0 which results in the jump. We are actually working on making so instead it stops drawing the line. The jumps can be very confusing!


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    Hello Stephen,

    Thanks for the reply. For information, I find that the jumps don't happen when inSSIDer is run from inside the XP Mode 32-bit virtual machine running under 64-bit Windows 7. Strange.


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