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Thread: How to use the Signatures in Chanalyzer4?

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    Default How to use the Signatures in Chanalyzer4?

    I'm pretty new to this. I have a wi-spy2.4x and Chanalyzer 4. Just downloaded Chanalyzer Pro (trail version).

    If I disable all the signatures and only have one enabled, will the graphs shows only the signature I am selected?


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    Hello April,

    I'm not too sure what you are asking. Would you be able to be more specific and maybe provide screenshots of what you are asking.


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    Red face How to use the Signatures in Chanalyzer4?

    I have attached a screenshot of Chanalyzer. My Chanalyzer Pro license has expired. The screenshot contains some RF signals.
    With the network table, I know I have a few WiFi sources. If I use the signature hovering over it, it doesn’t really match any of the signatures. The closest one is probably 802.11b/g. Is that supposed to be rough estimate?

    In the Pro version, there is a checkbox beside each signature. I checked the box on the Zigbee signature and set the threshold to 90. Is that supposed to setup chanalyzer to identify and display if signal matches 90%?
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    Yes, the silhouette is a rough estimate of what an 802.11g looks like. And it does look like you have about 3 on channels 1, 6 and 11. The silhouette's are just something to give you an idea of what you might be looking at and work with the view over time (not the current trace, max trace, or average trace).

    Yes, you are correct that it is supposed to set Chanalyzer up like that, however, the identifier isn't all the great. The silhouettes and knowledge gained through the use of a spectrum analyzer are far better, I believe


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    Thanks, Stephen.

    I am still very new and trying to learn how to get data out from Chanalyzer. Can someone comment if my interpretation of the screenshot correct?

    I have max trace in red and average in purple. Those indicate max and average RF activities. It covers most WiFi channels except channel 13. Channel 13 has the least amount of activities. With amplitude and waterflow graph over time, we can see the two humps which indicated WiFi signals. They are probably in channel 1 and channel 6. WiFi in Channel 6 has stronger signal which indicated Wi-Spy is closer.

    If I were to use Zigbee channels to interpret the screenshot, would it be correct to say there are RF activities from channel 11 to 23?
    And, channel 24 would be one with the least?
    With average amplitude of RF signal in -70dBm and max at -30dBm, can the RF interferences create issues in the zigbee network?
    With density, one should avoid channel 11 – 14 and channel 16 – 19 because WiFi is occupying those channels?

    Is there anything else that I can get from this screen shot?

    Does the outline of the traces match any signature anyone knows of?

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