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Thread: How to automatically start logging when Inssider is opened every time ?

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    Default How to automatically start logging when Inssider is opened every time ?

    Hello all,

    In my project,I need to get AP RSSI value when do AP production line test.
    Luckly,I found this software"inSSIDer" which has logging function.

    My faced problem is that how to automatically start logging when Inssider is opened every time.
    If inSSIDer can immediately start logging when it was opened,my problem will be solved.
    I can make a program to read its log so that get RSSI value.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello jsyzljx,

    If you have some programming experience, you can download the source code at and implement this change yourself.

    This is actually one of the first requests of this type we have received, but, in my opinion, it would be best not to have inSSIDer automatically start logging upon start-up because a lot of people actually don't use the logging feature every time they open up inSSIDer (I know I don't). So, this is why I suggest you modify your own version to do this, as it may be beneficial to you, but not so much to every other user.


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    Hello, Stephen

    Thank you very much for your help.
    I am not good at English,and can not find the source code.
    Could you please send it to my mailbox?


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    Incorporating command line switches for the various options would be very useful - especially when scheduled - since they can be incorporated into shortcuts.

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    I agree with incorporating command line switches and this isn't the first time we've had someone ask for command line arguments capabilities. I've thrown this into the suggestions.


    Oh and jsyzljx, I can't send you the source code. You just go to the link I gave you and click zip.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 12.11.52 PM.png 
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Size:	51.2 KB 
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    I have downloaded the source code,unfortunately I am not familiar with C#.

    Anybody can help me to add this switch function for "Start logging"?

    If this software can support command line,it would be wonderful.



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    I'm not too familiar with C# myself (but I do know Java pretty well).

    Anyhow, I wrote up a quick workaround. It's ugly, but it works
    It still prompts you to enter the location and name of the file you wish to save. I didn't want to remove this feature because I wanted to make sure you wouldn't be overwriting previous logs.

    1. Download the attached file.
    2. Extract the downloaded file
    3. Copy the file (frmMain.cs)
    4. Go to where you saved the source code
    5. Open the source code folder
    6. Open the "MetaScanner" folder
    7. Open UI
    8. Open forms
    9. Rename the file "frmMain.cs" to "frmMain(original).cs" (so you don't replace the original)
    10. Paste the copied file in this folder.

    From here you can publish the solution file and install your own custom inSSIDer. If you don't know how to do that, Google can tell you

    Here is the attached file you need to download:

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    Thumbs up

    thanks,I will try it and give you feedback.

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    Could you tell me which version of visualStudio?
    I asked my friend to help build exe using VS2010,however,many errors happened.

    Source code was downloaded from the web which you gave me.

    In another posted thread,I saw someone faced problem when using source code.

    I want to know if it is caused by source code missing something itself which caused many errors.

    thanks again.


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    I believe the stuff that should be in ManagedWifi is missing. To get that you can click ManagedWifi. A new page should come up. On that page click "Downloads" in the upper right. Then Download as Zip. Extract it and copy the contents to the solution folder.

    If you are unable to open the solution file (It says that the solution was made with a different version of Visual Studio), then just open the solution file with Notepad and where it says "Version 12.00" change it to "Version 11.00".

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