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Thread: Why Can't I See the Wi-Spy in the Network Card/Adapter Dropdown?

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    Default Why Can't I See the Wi-Spy in the Network Card/Adapter Dropdown?

    Hey guys, Stephen here at MetaGeek.

    One question we get quite a bit is:
    "When I plug in the Wi-Spy Chanalyzer does not see it in the upper right hand corner, where can I get the drivers or how do I install the Wi-Spy so that Chanalyzer will see it?"

    It is pretty easy for first time users to not know their way around the software which makes this actually a great question!

    So first off, it is important to note that the Wi-Spy is not a wireless network adapter. The items in the upper right hand corner of Chanalyzer are only your wireless network card(s)/adapter(s). These are used in order for Chanalyzer to pull the information it needs for the "Networks Table" tab.

    The Wi-Spy actually shows up as a HID Compliant device and is automatically detected by Chanalyzer. A good way to confirm this is to see if Chanalyzer is displaying stuff in the density and waterfall view. If it is, then your Wi-Spy is working perfectly

    The Wi-Spy's job is to detect all of the RF data in the band you are looking at. While it is detecting this data, Chanalyzer pulls the data and displays it on the screen in the density and waterfall view so you can visually see what the Wi-Spy sees. Pretty cool stuff eh?

    *NOTE* Normally, spectrum analyzers do not have the capability to detect individual AP's and their information the way Chanalyzer does. That's because spectrum analyzers listen for ALL the RF data and can't pick out which RF signal is which. The way in which Chanalyzer is able to show you AP information in the "Networks Table" tab is because Chanalyzer also uses your wireless card/adapter to get this information because your wireless card/adapter only probes for AP's and has the ability to decipher the AP's information. Even more pretty cool stuff eh?

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    did you try reinstalling?

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    You try to restore the settings of how it looks


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