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Thread: Live GPX to KML Possible and how?

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    Default Live GPX to KML Possible and how?

    Hello I was wondering if there was a way to convert the gpx to kml is a live manner. Just because i am wanting to see if it is possible.

    I already have my city completely cached into google earth so that I have all the maps available.

    I converted my android phone to a Bluetooth gps unit for my laptop and now have offline gps system maps and all

    and i realized that gps input in google earth is an ever changing temp file so i was wondering if the same could be applied to a gpx/kml situation where as i am driving i can watch all the access points display themselves live.

    Just think it would be pretty cool, any thoughts on how to do this?

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    To answer your first question, the conversion is not a live manner. You can log .gpx data live with inSSIDer, but the conversion is done separately after inSSIDer is done logging. You could probably do a bit of hacking to get it to be live. I would just assume that you would have to find where the conversion event is handled and input that code into the logging code, but I don't think that this is something that will be good to do. Not too sure if logging and converting is very efficient...


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