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Thread: Chanalyzer and parallels on a Mac

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    Default Chanalyzer and parallels on a Mac

    Anybody have any issues running Chanalyzer Pro on a MacBook pro with Parallels? I have a Windows 7 64bit session that I run Chanalyzer within. Everytime I go to a site that has a lot of wireless networks that application will run very very slowly and eventually stop responding. For instance yesterday I was at a site that has several dozen AP's and networks. I could start the app, start the report, insert a text block to the report (wait 30-40 seconds for it to respond) then go on with recording. Once I finished with that location I would pause the recording, move to a new location, fire up the recording again and after several minutes of no response I would have to kill the application and start again.

    Thoughts anybody ????

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    The sites that I have tried have only had about 5 to 10 APs. But I have had no slow downs except in VisiWave when doing a point to point survey. But when I went back and rebooted all the data was there for the entire scan. I have noticed that sometimes after running chanalyzer either for a long time as the only app running on a xp pc or running it with certain other apps for a relatively short time it may hang the computer. But, as I said, on a macbook pro air I have not experienced Chanalyzer slowing down in a medium density environment. And I too have it in a parallel win7 64bit. I have thought about installing the Boot Camp to run only win7 64 in a separate partition and see how the performance would be. I bet it is amazing.


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