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    Default inSSIDer User Guide [Beta]

    Download a PDF of this guide

    inSSIDer User Guide
    inSSIDer was created by MetaGeek, a company that specializes in RF visualization. inSSIDer is a free, open source Wi-Fi scanner that tracks the SSID (network names), RSSI (signal strength), security, and other settings of nearby access points. This information is then displayed in an informative, easy to understand graphical form.

    inSSIDer’s table lists each SSID as a new row, with its details in the columns. SSIDs with checked boxes will be drawn in the Time Graph below. Selecting a row will bold the SSIDs line in the Time Graph.

    inSSIDer logs the RSSI, Security, Channel, Hardware Vendor, Max Rate, Network Type and MAC address in the columns of the table. Each column in the table can be reordered by dragging its header to the desired position. The table can be resorted by the columns if the header is clicked.

    Getting Started

    Ensure that your wireless network interface card/adapter is selected in the top right. inSSIDer pulls the information it displays from the data that your wireless card/adapter receives. To do this, select your wireless card from the dropdown box, then click the Start button as shown in this image:
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