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Thread: After installing inSSIDer there are 2 SSID's on my Cisco EPC2425 router.

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    Default After installing inSSIDer there are 2 SSID's on my Cisco EPC2425 router.


    My wireless kept dropping so I installed inSSIDer to see what channel to change to. I noticed that my SSID was on channel 6 but there was a BLANK SSID also on channel 6 more or less following each other.

    The MAC address's are slightly different.
    Mine is 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:C0
    BLANK SSID is 02:xx:xx:xx:xx:C1

    So I changed the channel to 13 and the BLANK SSID also changed to 13. I then plugged the power from my router and bothe signals dropped.

    The router also runs my house phone.

    How do I find what the other BLANK SSID is?


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    What you are seeing is most likely for a guest AP.
    Look into the router's configuration for a guest AP.

    A guest AP is one that allows internet access only and blocks access to the local LAN.

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    Thanks ua549.

    I have checked the setting and have not found a Guest login. There is just 1 login and its my SSID. If it was a guest would theMAC address not be the same?
    Just worried that some is using my router.

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    The guest AP has a slightly different mac address. I would surmise that you have not configured the guest AP - thus the empty name. The default is that no log in is required.

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    Thanks ua549.

    If that's the case would friends with iphones not get the Guest internet access. I have to give them my login details on their first login.
    Can I delete this Guest login??

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    I'm not familiar with the specifics of your router, but you should be able to disable the guest AP using the router's management application.


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