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Thread: 433mhz Interference

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    Default 433mhz Interference

    Is there a way to scan 433mhz interference? Seems the various Metageek programs only support 900mhz, 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

    I can't find any USB devices that add 433mhz monitoring nor software. What are my options, any advice? If it doesn't exist, feature request?


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    Seems the responses to date match my search results on the rest of the web! No options!

    Certainly in Aus there are more and more devices utilising the 433mhz freq, would be good to see some options in the space...


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    Have you checked into amateur radio hardware?
    In the USA the 433 MHz band is allocated for use by licensed amateur radio operators.
    It may also be used for wireless keys on European vehicles such as BMW's Comfort Access and MB's Keyless Go.

    FWIW I've never encountered interference from such sources.
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    Yeah from searching the web I do seem to be alone with this problem. I suspect it's my wireless alarm system. The external siren is solar powered with back up battery. Seems when it gets hit by the sun any 433mhz device can no longer communicate so it must be spitting out one hell of a signal. Knocks out the alarm system itself, not ideal. Well that's my suspect but I don't know how to confirm this.

    Thanks for the tip on the Amateur radio, will look into it. I did notice some Uniden hand radios seem to be able to scan 433mhz, would I be at least be able to hear the noise and potentially with a directional antenna, identify the culprit?

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    The alarm system rang a bell. A few years ago a new store opened here. Vehicles could enter their parking lot, but many of the electrical systems failed when they attempted to leave. When towed to the edge of the parking lot they were OK. The St. Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times) hired an RF engineer who determined that the proximate cause was the store's alarm system. The store never made a statement, but the problem disappeared shortly after the story was published.

    My BMW Comfort Access transponder (433 MHz) would fail but the car would start if I used the backup key.

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    Bloody hell! Must be one noisy signal! I'm starting to think I'll just through some money at the problem, ie replace the security system and cross my fingers I'm right with my suspected gremlin maker. It's pretty basic for my usual tastes in tech features so not that keen on it anyway...

    Thanks for the feedback.


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    We just started carrying this Spectrum Analyzer for 433 MHZ


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