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Thread: b/g mode opeartion with Wi Spy .vs. Insider

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    Default b/g mode opeartion with Wi Spy .vs. Insider

    We are using the Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer Pro to conduct a Wifi survey of our office area. When we compare the readings to the InnSSIDer, we noticed that b/g operations signal are not the same. The Inssider always shows the device we are evaluting operating in g while the Chanalyzer with Wi-Spy shows it in b. Which one is correct?

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    Are the max data rates in both programs the same or different?

    If they are the same and both 54mbps then its in g otherwise if it's 11mbps then it's in b.

    If they are different then you either have a problem with your wireless card or one of the programs has an issue with reading the data from your wireless card.


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