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Thread: inSSIDer for Android

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavelan View Post
    Thank you for getting back to me on this.

    Although, because of this Mordac-style design decision, inSSIDer is of no immediate use to me, please thank your developers for keeping the clueless majority of users off "my" channel 13 which I will happily use in future installations.
    Using channel 13 will work great, as long as no one is using channel 11, which will overlap channel 13 by 50 percent. Remember, adjacent-channel interference is always worse than co-channel interference.

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    Given that the stop button is now not present in the app, it would be useful if both the User Guide and the inSSIDer for Android website could be updated to remove all mention of it.

    In Europe (I live in the UK) I find that most routers/access points do have channels 12-13 enabled, but that many devices only go up to 11. This seems to be especially true of laptops, netbooks, etc. made by worldwide manufacturers. Router manufacturers generally know about local telecom regulations.

    inSSIDer for Android is excellent, by the way. I've installed it on my Asus/Google Nexus 7.


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