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Thread: inSSIDer for Android

  1. Default inSSIDer for Android

    Hi Guys,

    We've released inSSIDer for android. Download it here: inSSIDer from the Play Store

    This somewhat of a fundamental shift from what inSSIDer currently is to what inSSIDer is currently being used to do. inSSIDer for Android is primarily a Wi-Fi optimization tool. You select which network is yours and then perform a site survey by walking around where you think you should have proper coverage. Once the survey is complete, click stop and it will give you a grade for the best channel for your network.

    inSSIDer has a new grading algorithm that factors not only the amount of networks on the same channel but also the amount of overlapping networks.

    Please have a look and don't forget to leave your feedback. Thanks!

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    Just downloaded the android version. Looks promising. Thanks. Will provide feedback soon.

    -Paul Bokor
    Efficient Network Solutions

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    Works great.
    How i can see hide SSID's?

    Best Regards,
    Using Android 4.x under Samsung Galaxy SII

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    I have android tablet (maxell) without Google play. Is here any way to get inSSIDer apk ? Or, can You send me it to my email?

    Czech Republic
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    Caveat - I have not used the link.

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    Thank You, but the link is to Google Play: market://details?id=net.metageek , not for me.. My device not have Google play. Please send me direct link. Thank You

    I search in Google more than 5 hours and find nothing.

    Czech Republic

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    Try this link -

    If you scan the code, the apk will download to a PC.
    If you click the download link, it downloads to a phone.

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    Link from QR code: Try it

    Please send only valid and checked links, Thank You

    Czech Republic
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    The links are valid, but I don't/won't ever use them.
    I download apps to my PC and then install them on my Galaxy S running ICS.
    All you have to do is log in with a gmail address to download the file to your device.
    Virtually every Android device has access to Google Play as well as any PC.
    What is your issue with it?


    Here is what I just did -
    Connected to the last link I provided on my PC.
    Logged on with a gmail address.
    Clicked on the install button.
    inSSIDer was installed on my Galaxy S phone with no intervention from me.
    Somewhere on the phone is an inssider.apk, but I have not looked for it.

    How simple is that?
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    Again.... MY DEVICE NOT HAVE GOOGLE PLAY MARKET APP AND NOT supported in google play (search MAXELL in supported devices:

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