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Thread: Spread Spectrum detection affecting Wifi and ZigBee

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    Default Spread Spectrum detection affecting Wifi and ZigBee

    I am hoping someone has an idea of what could possibly be causing this. I have a home with a single Cisco Aironet on Channel 1 and a Control4 system running Zigbee at channel 25. The client complains that his iPads and computer drop off the wireless. Also the Control4 system zigbee remotes seem to lock up because of this interference.

    I've attached a screen capture from this morning. It has happened throughout the day. There is no pattern to the broadcast. In the morning, it seemed to go every few minutes. But it has stopped for 30 minutes or more.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You should find out if someone is trying to Jam your clients signal (or someone else's signal, or everyone's signal). Usually when I have seen solid interference like this (consistent RSSI across the whole spectrum) it's generally due to some type of jammer or frequency generator.

    It also looks like it happens every now and then. Quite strange on that aspect. Maybe your client is near some kind of cell tower/radio tower?
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    This is not someone trying to jam your signal - this is from some activity that comes from another frequency band. If there are any cell towers nearby or femtocells or anything else investigate if the noise floor raises like that when you are closer to the tower/femtocell.


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