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Thread: XPS 15 - L521X - Poor Wifi

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    Exclamation XPS 15 - L521X - Poor Wifi

    I am posting on here in the hope you can help me help Dell fix their wireless issues with this laptop. Essentially, unless I am in the same room the wireless speeds are terrible. The reception is fine, but the RSSI is terrible and thus the download speeds tank.

    I compared it directly to my XPS 15 L502X in the same room which gets 80Mbps, while the L521X sometimes struggles to get 2-3Mbps and a maximum of 20Mbps. Any idea on what is causing the issues? It uses a Intel 6235 card, and I have the latest 15.2 drivers.

    I did a very unscientific test with the two laptops side by side below. Of course speeds are not ideal as they are in close proximity. But you can clearly see the L502 picks up 6 networks, while the L521X only 2!

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    make sure the internal antenna is connected to the card

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    IIRC there are 3 wifi antenna connections for that card.

    My Dell Latitude notebook only had 2 of the 3 antennas connected when received from Dell.
    I had to connect the other antenna myself.


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