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    hello, inSIDER 2.1 reports me on channel 11+7, I know I'm on channel 11, but what does the +7 mean? Is it because two other ppl are also on channel 11?

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    11 + 7 is channel bonding. That allows you get a Max Rate of 300 instead of 150ish from a 'n' adapter. I've been playing with this channel bonding vs just using only one channel. Its hard so far to tell the difference, but I have experienced more interference when I do use the two channels.

    If you get into your Modem/Router setup in the wireless section. That is where you define which channel you want to use.
    For my Netgear, it gave me a pull down of transmission rates: 60 150 300. When its set to 300, you get the channel bonding, 11+7 or whatever your primary channel is. When you set to the lower rate, you get only the one channel

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    thanx, so it's a good thing. I didn't define it in my router, but I always get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillywabbit View Post
    ...I didn't define it in my router, but I always get it.
    Most routers which are capable of channel bonding will do it automatically for you when you select a single channel. You selected either channel 7 or channel 11 and your router automatically bonded it with the other.



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