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Thread: Network Connection Problem? (Please help...)

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    Default Network Connection Problem? (Please help...)

    First of all, thx to everyone who answers. Iíll never get while people do this sort of thing for free. X_X

    Before I downloaded inSSIDer, I searched for wireless networks using the icon and the bottom the screen in the Windows 7 OS. It was working fine, but one unsecured network was constantly popping on and off the radar. I didnít get it, but figured Iíd download a different network scanner and see if it made a difference.
    It did.
    But inSSIDer canít actually connect to the networks, it can only scan them. I had to download a program that could actually connect to the unsecured network that the program had spotted.
    I downloaded the program WeFi, but, once again, the wireless network I was looking for had disappeared.
    (As a side, note, we live in townhouses and I was blessed with an awesome neighbor. He doesnít mind me or anyone else in range connecting to his network. I spoke to him about the whole thing already and he just said to come outside so I would get better reception.)
    So, my question is, what wireless programs can I download that will spot the network Iím looking for? I know it can be spotted because of inSSIDer. The max rate of the network is 54, which Iíll assume is pretty slow, but stillÖ
    If you guys want, I could post more information on the network that Iím talking about.
    Srsly, thx in advance. People like you make the internet what it isÖ :*(

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    inSSIDer shows networks that are detected by your wireless NIC.
    Being detected does not imply that one can connect.
    There are several reason why one cannot connect to a given network.
    The most common are:
    signal strength is too low;
    signal quality is too poor;
    connections filtered by mac address;
    connections require a pass phrase.


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