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Thread: Wi-Spy for hire?

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    Question Wi-Spy for hire?


    At our house we’re experiencing a very irritating wifi-problem.

    We cannot get a solid and stable wifi-signal throughout the house, not even on one floor. It is a very large house with some steel structures in the walls/ceilings, but I know that there must be another wireless signal causing the interference.
    When sitting in the office, a few feet away from the wireless router (connected via Ethernet) we reach the limit of our wireless network and internet connection. When in the living room, sitting 5ft away from a wireless access point, even the internet connection drops to <300kb/s.

    Currently we use 2 apple airport extreme’s (AP), 1 apple time capsule (router) and 2 airport expresses (AP).
    I’ve tried:
    - Changing the physical location
    - Changing channels
    - Disconnecting all wireless phones
    - Running a wifi scanner (no other networks around)

    So I’m quite confident that Wi-Spy can explain why our network speeds are so poor by indentifying the interference.
    Though paying $999 for a piece of hardware for a 2h analysis is a bit steep, so I was wondering if there are people/companies renting out their Wi-Spi?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Rueben,
    My company helps people with their infrastructure issues, whether wireless or otherwise. We do use the Wifi Dbx, and have helped many people conquer their wifi issues with it.
    What region of the country do you live in? We are based in Northern California.

    Evan Corstorphine
    Portable CIO, Inc.

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