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Thread: strange ipad wifi issues

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    Default strange ipad wifi issues

    im using the free version inSSIDer to try and track down issues with my wifi problems at certain times of the day

    yesterday, around 4-5pm i could not load videos (you tube, live leak etc) on the 5GHz band (Netgear DGND3300v2 + WN2500 extender), the 2.4ghz band wasn't working well either, this is on both ipad and new apple TV

    my laptop loaded and streamed these videos with no problem while the apple devices were having issues.

    as I often find, later in the evening all is ok. I discovered two other 2.4ghz wifi in the area using channel 11, so i changed to channel 6 with no change to my predicament.

    Later both 5GHz and 2.4GHz were working ok again. This seems to happen at random times but almost every day.

    I'm stumped. By the way, why can't i see 5ghz bands in the inSIDDer?

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    You don't need any advanced tools or inssider...
    Apples wireless is junk with many routers and access points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jag View Post
    By the way, why can't i see 5ghz bands in the inSIDDer?

    inSSIDer works by pulling the information it needs directly from your wireless card. If your wireless card/adapter is unable to see 5ghz networks, so is inSSIDer.



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