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Thread: Trying to figure out what this white outline is

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    Default Trying to figure out what this white outline is

    Just received the unit & software. Trying to track down some wifi gremlins we have around here. How can I find out what this white outline thing is? Any other tips/suggestions on using this tool? So far I'm really diggin' how it works.

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    I am assuming you are asking about the thicker white lines that are PIR(75%) and Logitech Headset (66%).

    These lines are from the "Display Detected Transmitters" feature our software has. It's the icon that looks likes a dot with waves coming out either side.

    Honestly, it's not the greatest in the world as a lot of signatures can look very similar to each other, but can be useful in some cases. It can only detect signatures which are in the signature library under the Signatures tab in the software.

    Hope that helps!



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