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Thread: 5Ghz channels not visible from Netgear R6300 Router

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    Default 5Ghz channels not visible from Netgear R6300 Router

    Hi...I don't see my Netgear R6300 router in the 5Ghz channels at all. Is that because my Atheros AR5B97 B/G/N adapter is not 5Ghz compatible and does not recognize the signal? the R6300 says it is broadcasting, but, the Netgear R6200 5Ghz adapters are not available yet so I can't test it. Want to make sure it is working. Thanks!

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    inSSIDer can only report on what your adapter sees.
    There are many 5 GHz wi-fi adapters available.
    Wi-fi adapters are commodity products and should work with any wi-fi router/access point.

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    Apology, I didn't note that the Netgear R6300 router can operate in the newer 5Ghz AC band. That's what I'm looking for. If my adapter only sees 2.4Ghz B/G/N, which I do see in inSIDDer, then I suppose the 5Ghz AC or otherwise would not be visible. inSIDDer does tell me the R6300 is running with a max rate of 450Mbps in the 2.4Ghz channels. I think that means it sees the N band running at 40Mhz. Trying to understand how all this works and if the R6300 is actually broadcasting in the AC band, like it says it is. Thanks.
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    Hello ROK,

    I want to mention that inSSIDer doesn't really "see" anything. It uses your wireless card/adapter to "see" (get the data to show it to you). So whatever your wireless card/adapter sees or doesn't see, inSSIDer will see or won't see.



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