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Thread: Identify routers with WPS enabled

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    Default Identify routers with WPS enabled

    I've posted this request in a really old thread that seems to be in the wrong forum, so I've decided to post it in the right one

    Lately I've been using inssider to monitor wireless coverage in my property and find it a great tool.

    But I think showing in a column if WPS is enabled for an AP would be really good, since WPS can be attacked quite easily thanks to a well known tool, and it makes sense to know if you forgot to disable WPS in an access point or even if that AP can't have WPS disabled, like for instance those pesky Cisco routers that have to be "upgraded" to dd-wrt or openwrt so you can disable it.

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    AFAIK inSSIDer 2.1.5 can filter the list of access points based on the security level.
    Open the security drop down menu on the filter bar.

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