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Thread: Wi-spy iPad app

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    Smile Wi-spy iPad app

    Bought an adapter for my iPad that has USB... Was wondering if it is possible to make an iPad app for wispy to run on iPad?

    Is this possible??? Thought it would be cool to use this on the iPad for setting up wireless networks and troubleshooting...any future plans....

    Ya or nae to all???????

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    ho going to be possible as apple control the ios and there is currently no way to install drivers for USB devices.

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    What if the device was jail broken?????

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    hard to say. the device would still need a driver of some kind

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    AFAIK the Wi-Spy shows up as a HID (same as a keyboard/mouse)

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    LOL the chances of apple allowing this? NEVER, they like to clamp their customers by the balls and only let you do what they want.
    Android on the other hand this would be possible with, its just down to metageek or any developer to do it

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    I think there are already people who have gotten Wi-Spy to work on Android.

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    If it is working on android then what software would you use?

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    There isn't much hardware that now supports USB host. But we have a version of Chanalyzer that can run a Wi-Spy in-house. It will need a lot more development before it is market ready, but it is possible with the latest version of Android (ICS).

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    Where can I get the download?

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