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Thread: pelase publish inssider on f-droid

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    Default pelase publish inssider on f-droid is an alternative market for android devices, one I am currently relying more and more as a realiable source of open source apps that won't drain by battery with advertisements and won't keep track of my phone and internet use.

    They allow this kind of "badly behaved" apps to be published, but they will show as such in searches. They also check the apps for "untold bahaviour" before allowing it to be seen by visitors. They even allow you to run your own repo por upgrades, instead of publiding again and again, like the debian system.

    I guess it won't take too much effort to package and publish inssider for android on f-droid and it would make you visible for more users. Do a google search and see how much people are talking good about f-droid.

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    i like this topic its good......

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