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Thread: New guy, new guy style questions.

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    Unhappy New guy, new guy style questions.

    We have a warehouse with around 20 access points in it. We had it professionally site surveyed about 5 years ago and after the initial troubleshooting and signal level adjustment things looked good and operated well.

    About a year ago we began having issues where devices disconnect from several APs and have trouble re-associating for periods as long as 5 minutes.

    I have purchased the Chanalyzer Pro software to try and track down spectrum issues that might be causing this behavior. I have gon through all the switch ports and made sure there were no port errors or packet loss on the AP's. The Cisco wireless controller shows no interference. We are one of several locations that share the same architecture, and the other locations don't exhibit this behavior.

    I suppose what I'd like to ask you guys is, Where would you start?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Hi Eric,
    Could you email one of your recordings into me at support at meta geek dot net? Let's take it from there!



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