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Thread: Bad Router, Bad Mac Wifi, or Both?

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    Default Bad Router, Bad Mac Wifi, or Both?

    I'm a bit lost. I was getting a lot of wifi drops on a new Microsoft Surface tablet, so I found my way here. My inSSIDer time plots made on an iMac (running windows 7) showed tons of downward spike on my 2.4 ghz channel, about 1 per minute, from -35 all the way to -95 or so. The 5 ghz channel doesn't do this. (I live in a house and no neighboring signal reaches > -85 or so.)

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    I figured that showed a router in need of replacement or at least a firmware upgrade. I did the latter, no change. Out of curiosity, I loaded inSSIDer onto my old lenovo running vista, and the same network (from only a foot over on the desk) shows almost zero drops.

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    I've tried letting the Linksys WRT600N pick its own channels, wider channels, hand selected channels. Nothing seems to improve the droppy-looking plot on the iMac. The Lenovo plot experiences a few similar downward spikes, but they're much more rare.

    Anyone got any ideas as to whether the router or the iMac wireless are the problem? I have too many variables here, and not enough experience to judge what's most likely.

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    Make sure the Surface wifi antennas are not obscured. They are mounted on the backside of the motherboard.

    On the 2.4 GHz band there may be interference from non-wifi sources. A spectrum analyzer will show such things.


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