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Thread: using insider to place external antenna

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    Default using insider to place external antenna

    I am using a Huawei E1762 usb 3g modem attached to a billion 6200nxl wireless router.
    To this (due to lack of signal strength) I have attached an omnidirectional 9bd antenna. i am trying to find the best place on my roof to place the antenna, for best signal strength. There are 2 towers in my area sending the signal. (I use virgin mobile broadband, which obtains it's signal from optus - I am in Australia)

    Question how can I use inssider to obtain the best placement. Also what is the maximum length of cable I can use before I loose too much signal strenth.


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    Are you trying to get better signal from the 3G modem or distribute the WiFi signal via the 9dBi antenna?

    Because if you are trying to distribute the WiFi signal, then inSSIDer will work for you. However, if you are looking for the best placement for the 3G which is probably working on either 800MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz, or 2100MHz, then inSSIDer WON'T work for you at all.

    The Wi-Spy 900x & chanalyzer Lab will do 800MHz but not 1900 or 2100MHz, so basically if you want to find the best 3G point on your roof, then get a older (2004-2008) cell phone, get a converter cable and hook the cable up to the external connector (sometimes on the inside) of the older 3G phone. Then look at the signal strength as you move the antenna around. Make sure you have a 3G (800, ?900GSM?, 1900, 2100MHz) capable antenna (omni) as if it is a 2.4 GHz omni antenna it WILL NOT WORK!

    Basically, we need more info as to what 3G frequency works on in Australia. Also what frequency is the 9 dBi omni you have good for, and what are you looking to do with all of it? If your looking for better cell (3G) reception try getting one of these amplifiers (boosters):


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    oxygen69, thanks for the quick reply. Usb modems in Australia use UMTS HSPDA and CDMA on frequencies 900mh and 2100mhz, with 2100mhz being the much preferred (quicker). The omnidirectional antenna covers these freqencies and is to be used to boost the signal strength to the 3g modem. I am then using the antenna cable with a huawei patch lead to connect to the usb modem and the modem to my wifi router ,placing my wifi router in a reasonably central place away from interference.

    The omnidirectional antenna I have is very similar to Wilson electris cellular antenna (thanks for the link - it gives me some confidence that I am on the right path). Also I did almost make the mistake of purchasing the 2.4 ghz.

    I will take your advice and "purchase a converter cable and hook the cable up to the external connector (sometimes on the inside) of the older 3G phone. Then look at the signal strength as you move the antenna around"

    I did have some crazy idea of taking my laptop and antenna into the roof cavity and crawling around looking at Inssider to see where the lowest RSSI was. I am partially disabled so this would have been a challenge (it's much easier to crawl around my roof.

    Thanks once again for your help. Oh and I do have such a mobile phone laying around.

    Regards Tad

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