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Thread: 2.4 GHz transmission drop-outs

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    Question 2.4 GHz transmission drop-outs

    I am seeing a behavior on the time graph that I do not understand. I will be monitoring half a dozen AP's, 2.4 band only, and will see a 10 -30 dBm dropout that lasts for a few msecs. This appears to happen randomly and across various AP manufacturers. I am not connected to any AP while viewing the time graph. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior or know why I'm seeing it?

    Here's what I'm seeing....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There could be another device running in 2.4GHz that is creating noise and causing the dropouts. It could be frequency-hopping, which explains why all of the access points aren't dropping at the exact same time. What channels are they running on?

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    These three are in a controlled (as controlled as can be... ) environment, hard set to 1, 6 and 11. I've tried varying the transmission power from anywhere from 1% to 100% with the same results.


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