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Thread: The Microwave. I think I get what it's up to.

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    Default The Microwave. I think I get what it's up to.

    Beer with me on this one please. Microwave ovens can interfere with your WiFi. I have a theory. Wireless Networks that have received significant interference from a Microwave oven.....maybe the cause of that interference (aside from a broken/defective unit) is not the Microwave oven but is instead the contents of that Microwave oven.

    Things of interest to insert into Microwave:
    A lightbulb emerged halfway into a glass of milk
    A Bar of Soap

    Imagine two scenarios: I decide to insert aluminum foil into the microwave, turn the thing on, and walk away OR I insert a glass of water. Would the first situation produce more interference? Perhaps microwaving a wifi antenna (not recommended, I am not even foolish to try that one) would produce the most interference. Food for thought.
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    No, it's not the contents, it is the microwave oven itself. The active element of a microwave is a free running oscillator at about 2.4GHz, powered by an unregulated and mostly unfiltered supply. Depending on the quality of the shielding, enough rf energy can escape that box to obliterate any nearby 2.4GHz WiFi network.

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