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Thread: The Microwave. I think I get what it's up to.

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    Default The Microwave. I think I get what it's up to.

    Beer with me on this one please. Microwave ovens can interfere with your WiFi. I have a theory. Wireless Networks that have received significant interference from a Microwave oven.....maybe the cause of that interference (aside from a broken/defective unit) is not the Microwave oven but is instead the contents of that Microwave oven.

    Things of interest to insert into Microwave:
    A lightbulb emerged halfway into a glass of milk
    A Bar of Soap

    Imagine two scenarios: I decide to insert aluminum foil into the microwave, turn the thing on, and walk away OR I insert a glass of water. Would the first situation produce more interference? Perhaps microwaving a wifi antenna (not recommended, I am not even foolish to try that one) would produce the most interference. Food for thought.
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