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Thread: Chanalyzer 4 doesn't have ZigBee report?

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    Default Chanalyzer 4 doesn't have ZigBee report?

    Hi, i'm new in here.

    I have used wi-spy2.4x and Chanalyzer 3. Especially I use very often ZigBee report on Chanalyzer 3, because we are ZigBee maker. It's very convinient for network installation.
    So recently we bought some wi-spy2.4x and download Chanalyzer 4 because Chanalyzer 3 doesn't work for new one.
    But I can't find ZigBee report on Chanalyzer 4, only find Channels Table for WiFi.

    So can I check ZigBee channel quality on Chanalyzer 4 ?
    or can I buy old version of wi-spy2.4x ?

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    In Chanalyzer 4, if you click View then ZigBee Channels, you can see the ZigBee channel range which takes place in the 2.4ghz spectrum and monitor spectrum data that way.

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    Hi Stephen,

    I have a same question as Seiya.

    As you said, I can monitor spectrum data of ZigBee channels, but I'd like to get quantitative estimation for each ZigBee channel. (ex. A, B, C, ... or 99%, 80%,...)

    I can get it for WiFi channel using "Channels Table" which shows "Grade" for each channel, but although I click View then ZigBee Channels, channels of the table is still shown for WiFi channel.

    How can I see "Grade" for ZigBee channels ?


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