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    Default LinSSID for Linux

    Just FWIW. Having too much time on my hands and some desire to learn Qt4 in C++, I developed a wifi scanner similar to Inssider2 for Linux, called LinSSID. I'll be the first to admit that it's nowhere near as slick as Inssider2 on Windows; but what the heck, it works and it kept me out of more serious trouble for a few weeks.

    I'm looking for testers. It's available on and (search in those places for linssid). It's available in .deb package for Debian, Ubuntu and similar; in both amd64 and i386 packages. Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    ps. As of January 8 2013, version 1.8a is current. I hope (fingers crossed) that it fixes most of the problems encountered with odd characters in passwords. Please let me know.
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