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Thread: Wi SPY DBx is not recognized only in one lantop

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    Chanalyzer Pro latest update =
    Chanalyzer Basic (aka Chanalyzer 4) =

    I tested the USB ports on my Supermicro box with the Wi-Spy DBx and there were no issues with either version of Chanalyzer.
    The software configuration was the same - Windows 7 Ultimate x64, . . . Only the hardware is different.
    Could this be a system firmware or chip set issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ua549
    I tried that setup in my Dell Latitude D620 laptop - Windows 7 Ultimate with Chanalyzer The results were varied depending on which USB port I plugged the wi-spy dbx. One port worked as it should and one port the wi-spy dbx was not recognized. Both of the USB ports function normally for other devices. At this point I suggest trying a different USB port. You should also install the latest patch release of Chanalyzer Basic. Click Help, Check for updates from within Chanalyzer.
    Here is an update to the above Wi-Spy experience.

    I tested again using a Wi-Spy Mini and inSSIDer for Office. It worked in both usb ports.
    Again, the Wi-Spy DBx worked in one port but not the other.
    Windows recognizes the Wi-Spy as an HID device when connected. Analysis software (Chanalyzer or inSSIDer) need not be started yet.

    I posit that a recognition protocol anomaly is present in the Wi-Spy DBx hardware.
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    Thanks for testing that for us. Let me get the QA guys involved in this to see if they have any ideas about what might be going on.

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    Are you guys having trouble with any other USB devices on those ports?

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