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Thread: New Feature Request - Devices Discovered Tab

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    Default New Feature Request - Devices Discovered Tab

    Hello All,

    I recently received my copy of Chanalyzer Pro and am taking it for a test drive and am not sure if Iím overlooking something or not. Iíve seen a couple of related threads in the forum (some are pretty old) but am not sure of the progress/status of this feature.

    Anyway, would it be possible to get a tab showing all of the devices (wi-fi & non wi-fi) that are discovered during a scan (along with the MAC, RSSI, channel, SSID, time discovered, etc)? Right now, you can display all of the detected transmitters in the Overview Pane (depending on the sensitivity setting), but I think it would be extremely helpful to capture this information and be able to export a list of all the devices discovered to a .csv file and be able to include them in the report generation. This would be really helpful I believe to present in the report to the customer along with a short summary of the mitigation techniques for each type of interferer.

    It appears that Chanalyzer Pro is capturing most of this information now Ė it would just need to be displayed and formatted/exported for presentation.

    Please let me know your plans or if this feature already exists and Iím just overlooking something.


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    Totally support also this request this is missing, as I was using Cisco Spectrum expert this was existing and really handy...


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