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Thread: Mapping my campus wifi signal

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    Default Mapping my campus wifi signal

    i don't know if the topic was already faced.

    I need to create a map of my campus with coverage of wifi signal strenght. I found a tool called heatmapper that visualizes signal strenght by different colours. That's great for my job but i would want something different, tracking also gps coordinates and wifi signal while walking around the buildings.

    Can inssider accomplish this task? Start wifi tracking and gps, after how can i export this data in order to create a detailded map?

    Thank to all.

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    Hi ruzzetto,

    Ekahau HeatMapper is great, but as far as I know, it doesn't support GPS tracking like VisiWave, TamoGraph, and Ekahau Site Survey do. You can do it with inSSIDer (File > Convert GPX to KML), but keep in mind that inSSIDer doesn't create heat maps, it will just log that the AP in question was visible at a specific latitude and longitude.

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    Hi Joel,
    thanks for your answer. I did notice heatmapper doesn't support GPS. My idea is just to walking around building with inssider and GPS and then convert GPX to KML. Performing some tests i encountered inssider doesn't refresh AP list after a couple of time. Is it a known bug?


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