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Thread: Help ! Trade Show with HUNDREDS of APs and assigned channels

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    Default Help ! Trade Show with HUNDREDS of APs and assigned channels

    Thank you in advance for any responses.

    My company will be at a tradeshow next month. I expect to see at least 50-100 of APs/SSIDs from our booth. There will no doubt be 1000+ in the show.
    (attendance will be about 40-50,000 people)

    I've always been told that 1-6-11 is the way to go, but I can cetainly understand that with this many APs interference is unavoidable -- same channel or adjacent.

    The show management has "assigned" my company Channel 6, which seemed to make sense, but I mapped the surrounding booths (on paper) and they seem to be a simple distribution of all channels 1-11.
    ie -- the booth to our left is 3, to the right, 9. infront of us 5 and behind of 7.
    One row of booths is a perfect 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

    From the data I've collect the distribution is not "flat" but seems to be a "bell curve" with Channels 6 getting the most use, and 1 and 11 the least.

    Anyways, I'm trying to understand -- is this madness or in this very extreme environment is Adjacent interference the 'better' way to go

    Again, Thanks for your thoughts.

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    go for 5ghz band

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    Quote Originally Posted by chechito View Post
    go for 5ghz band
    Yes, if you can, move to 5 GHz.

    Whoever is doing the channel planning at your trade show doesn't understand the basic concepts of channel planning and adjacent-channel interference. When two wireless networks share the same channel, they politely take turns talking. When two networks partially overlap (for example, channel 1 and 2), they just corrupt each other's frames constantly.

    Always, always, ALWAYS use channels 1, 6, and 11. When you have to put networks on the same channel, keep them as far apart as possible.

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