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Thread: More than 3000 Access-Point at one GPS-coordinate

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    Default More than 3000 Access-Point at one GPS-coordinate

    hello everyone,

    i didn't found anything similar so i start a new thread.

    i tested with InSSIDer 2.1 and my Netbook with GARMIN Vista eTrex HCx to mapping neighbourhood.

    i made four test-drives:
    1-3: speed ~30km/h
    4: speed ~18km/h

    the results of testdrive 1-3 are similar.
    But at test drive 4 there is one point of GPS coordinate which has about 3000 Access-Points, thats impossible.
    The other founded Access-Points and GPS coordinates are similar to 1-3.
    Any ideas why is that on testdrive 4?

    The GPX-Files are aviable to download here:

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    Has it happened again, or just that one occurrence?

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    It never happened again, i made some more tests, but there was never a similar result like this.

    What could be the reason for that point with these numbers of access-points?

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    Hard to say, sounds like a database error, but without seeing it happen multiple times, there's no way to know. Let us know if you see it again!


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