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Thread: Scrambled AP IDs, any ideas?

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    Default Scrambled AP IDs, any ideas?

    Ok hello everyone! This has got me pulling my hair out. It seems like an AP is blasting out signals (all on ch7).

    I had seen this type of signal before a few times on my Iphone, but figured it was some interference or something. I have been having intermittent WiFi problems for a few months (since someone moved in just two houses down)... normally I pick up about 20-26 APs on inSSIDer depending on the time of day... Tonight however it recorded over 3000 APs, as of the time of this post. It picks up about 15 APs every time it refreshes, upto about 3000ish when it starts to lag. I have restarted the program several times just to make sure I wasnt trippin... The screencaps are taken with my router completely turned off. Tonight I was bombarded for about an hour... and then it just stops... and normal wifi returns... with about 15ish APs in range, and none on ch7.

    I have not observed this happening with inSSIDer a second time yet... but I have observed it via WiFi enabled devices like PS3, smartphones, etc.

    Any help or insight on what I should do next here would be helpful.

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    Maybe it is someone in backtrack launching a fuzzing attack.

    Something like this possibly.

    mdk3 mon0 b -f ssid.list -g -a -c 11

    Now as you can see mdk3 is transmitting hundreds of beacons on channel 11 for the access points I’ve specified.

    We can verify this using our other wireless interface by scanning for all nearby networks with the command:

    iwlist wlan0 scan | grep ESSID

    Now Similar to fuzzing, this sort of attack can sometimes break wifi scanners or network interface drivers. And with a specially crafted ssid list I’m sure you can come up with your own fun.

    Mind you all of these BSSIDs or mac addresses are random and there’s no chance of anyong actually associating with these base stations.


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