Hey Geeks! Quite a few inSSIDer users have trouble starting inSSIDer, because the WLAN AutoConfig service isn't running. When that happens, they get this message:

"inSSIDer requires the WLAN AutoConfig service, which appears to be stopped. Please start WLAN AutoConfig and then run inSSIDer. Thanks!"

Here's what the error message looks like:

It's pretty easy to fix, all we need to do is start the WLAN AutoConfig service. Keep in mind that you might be getting that error message because you don't have a wireless card. If you don't have a wireless card, you'll need to purchase one to use inSSIDer. An inexpensive $10 USB Wi-Fi adapter from Amazon will do the trick.

First, click the Start button, and search for "Services" in the search bar.

After Windows finds Services, select it in the Start menu.

Locate the WLAN AutoConfig service (hint: select one of the services, and then type "wlan" quickly with your keyboard), right-click it, and click "Start".

After the service has finished starting, inSSIDer should start normally.