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Thread: Chanalyzer Lite ?

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    Default Chanalyzer Lite ?

    I've built a new PC, got a new ISP and want to use my Wi Spy 2.4i to check for a quiet WiFi channel for the new connection.
    I can't find Chanalyzer Lite on the Downloads page even though there is a link that should take me to it

    NOTE: If you own a Wi-Spy 2.4i you will need to download Chanalyzer Lite.
    Maybe I can find the Chanalyzer Lite install file on my old PC's hdd but I'm rather disappointed not to find it available on the Metageek site.
    Is this a site bug or have they stopped making Lite available?

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    Channelizer Lite by any other name would be as sweet. Download Channelizer Basic here.

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    Thanks for the reply but the Chanalyzer 4 doesn't recognise my Wi-Spy 2.4i.
    It can see my Wi-Fi adapter dongle, as can inSSIDer.
    I can do the Wi-Fi channel check but I also use the Wi-Spy for spectrum analysis of RC equipment/interference and for that I need the software to see the Wi-Spy 2.4i.

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    Panic over.
    Found my old Chanalyzer Lite v1.1 and V2.06 installers.
    Mercifully they still work on Win7.
    I don't know why Chanalyzer Basic 4 doesn't see the 2.4i but it doesn't.
    The Lite V1.1 is useful because it has the 3D display that the V2.06 does not; not essential but interesting nevertheless.
    Metageeks should keep the old Legacy Lites on file for us old 2.4i users.
    Keep the faith innit ;^)

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    Hey guys, sorry we missed this!

    Chanalyzer 4 (Basic and Pro) aren't compatible with the 2.4i. The 2.4i requires Chanalyzer Lite, which can be downloaded here:

    Chanalyzer Lite

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    A bit old, but it's a site "bug" that nobody seems to have put right.

    The "... you will need to download Chanalyzer Lite" link on the products/chanalyzer page links to ... but it seems it simply reloads the page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotty View Post
    A bit old, but it's a site "bug" that nobody seems to have put right.
    Thanks for letting us know! The web dev team should have it fixed by the end of the day.


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